Reliable Writing for Editors, Compassionate Care for Patients

The Practitioner’s Pen offers expert medical writing and telehealth services, designed to meet the needs of editors seeking reliable health information and patients seeking compassionate care. Founder Kimberly Stephens, MSN FNP-BC APRN, provides clear, accessible content for the healthcare industry and personalized telehealth care focused on men’s health and weight loss for both men and women.

How it all began...

In July 2023, I found myself feeling burned out working in a primary care clinic. I was repeatedly educating patients on the same health topics to help them achieve better outcomes, but I was only able to reach one person at a time. A mentor inspired me to realize that I could reach a broader audience through writing. However, my passion for patient care remained strong, leading me to incorporate telehealth services as a secondary focus for The Practitioner’s Pen. This two-pronged approach allows me to educate many while still offering direct, compassionate care.

Values that Transcend a Commitment to Excellence

Healthcare should be accessible, personalized, and transformative. 

With telehealth services tailored specifically for men’s health, you receive expert medical care wherever you are. From low testosterone to diabetes, weight loss/nutrition, high blood pressure, and other concerns, you’ll find comprehensive, confidential care tailored to your needs.


I believe in providing transparent, reliable information.

Helping Others

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them understand any diagnoses that they have, and how to get better or improve as much as possible.

Exceeding Expectations

We strive to exceed expectations with every interaction, providing exceptional service and care.

A Promise from Kim

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For my writing clients…

No matter the assignment, I guarantee a fast turnaround time with clean, complete, and highly accurate deliverables that are publication-ready. Whatever you expect from a writer, I will exceed that.

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For my patients…

Partnering with me, you will achieve better health and wellness. I will make it fun and easy! We will use proven tools to get awesome results.

Interested in working with me? Let’s get started!  

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For Content

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